An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Eduarda T. - VIP Member Geneve

"Do you have two tickets for sold out Rose Ball in Monaco?"

  • GALVANO delivered two tickets, chaufeured car, makeup & hair stylist.

Riaz L. - VIP Member London
"I want to do my bithday party on a breathtaking location. Do you have some ideas?"

  • GALVANO delivered exclusive use of Capri's Monte Solaro, Michelin starred chef & band.

Adriana K. - VIP Member Perth
"I bought a ticket for €400 for an event at SBM Monaco but I can't attend. Can you support?"

  • GALVANO managed with SBM hotel concierge, Adriana got full refund.

Mario S. - Member Vienna
"Can you find a small chic hotel in Paris? My budget is €100 per day."

  • GALVANO delivered a beautiful boutique hotel for €95.

Biagio Z. - VIP Member Zurich
"I'm looking for a charming traditional restaurant in Rome to celebrate my wife's birthday."

  • GALVANO delivered two hidden gems to choose from.

Princess Catherine C. D. S. - Galvano CEO's friend
"Can you support with registration for Leonardo DiCaprio's Gala in Saint Tropez?"

  • GALVANO supported with registration and table booking.

Alessandro B. - Corporate Member Milan
"I'm arriving in 20 minutes at Picasso Museum Barcelona. Please support with fast track access."

  • GALVANO bought two tickets, sent straight to Alessandro's phone. He fast tracked and got in.

Rene R. - Member Vienna
"I need two tickets for sold out Andrea Bocelli's concert."

  • GALVANO delivered the tickets.

Christian S. - VIP Member Mexico City
"I want to do an extraordinary marriage proposal December 30th in Venice. Do you have any brilliant idea?"

  • GALVANO delivered the most renown Venetian palazzo, 20 violinists orchestra, 18 actors with renaissance dressed costumes, Michelin*** Chef, 1000 candles dinner for two, 20.000 rose petals.
    They arrived on a Riva boat...she said YES!

Blanca S. - Partner Madrid
"Can you support us with tailored travel for a UHNWI? We need private jet flights, chauffeured cars, helicopters, security, hotels & experiences in Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Florence & Munich?"

  • GALVANO delivered for each city, our first-class solutions. Client opted for his favourite choices, we at GALVANO created.

Victoria M. - Partner Barcelona
"We need a top high-end private villa in Amsterdam for a Saudi Arabia Royal. Can you support?"

  • GALVANO delivered a stunning six bedrooms Amsterdam house on the canal.

Paolo M. - Partner London
"Can you book a table for a VIP client at El Cellar de Can Rocca for 10 people?"

  • GALVANO booked! El Cellar de Can Rocca beeing one in the World's best restaurant, where booking are processed a year in advance.

Blanca S. - Partner Madrid
"We need an extraordinary experience in Rome for our VIP clients. Can you support?"

  • GALVANO delivered! A Vatican city & museum VVIP tour, including a private Sistine chapel momentum.

Tatiana F. - Corporate Client Zurich
"We need a unique gift for our VVIP client. Do you have any suggestion?"

  • GALVANO delivered! 2 Ronaldo signed shirts & a Real Madrid team signed ball.

James L. - VIP Member London
"I need a private jet from Geneve to Gibraltar and return same day for tomorrow"

  • GALVANO delivered! 2 private jets to choose from.

John L. - Corporate Member Geneve
"I'm interrested in hospitality passes for Spa F1 Grand Prix. What can you offer?"

  • GALVANO delivered! Both Ferrari & Red Bull Racing team hospitality to choose from.

Stefan K. - Corporate Member Zurich
"I'm with 6 business partners in front of Dracula Club, St. Moritz. I want access & VIP table now."

  • GALVANO got access and VIP table for Stefan K. and his party to the only members very private Gunter Sachs club.

Daryl C. - Partner London
"We request a Meet & Greet with Roger Federer for our VIP client. Can you support?"

  • GALVANO delivered!


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