Pleasures to live for

For our members, we are seeking the exceptional anywhere in the world.

GALVANO ONE made it their business to answer one question: What’s going on today in my town? No “perhaps”, “possibly” or “probably”, but a straight go there or miss out, hand on heart.

At GALVANO ONE you will find insider-intel on the finest shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés and services in town. 

The Galvano Group is an international luxury lifestyle company based in Zurich. Its mission is to create unforgettable experiences anywhere in the world and to enrich the leisure time of our clients with lifestyle and concierge services. Our members are internationally minded people and we ensure they receive outstanding quality everytime.

The group comprises four key divisions, providing a seamless red carpet of services from spur-of-the-moment reservations at fully booked Saint-Tropez clubs to private jet charter, from access to the hottest parties to the organization of opulent events.